The Metsi Matsho Dam Walk/ Climb

 Grade: *** A day’s outing; longish walk, long day.

Time in Hours Outward: 4hrs

Time in Hours total: 9hrs

This walk is a long way, but can be achieved in a day for anyone who is reasonably fit.  It is far better to take the conventional Metsi Matsho Trail and have the experience of a sleep-out.  The problem of a one day trip is that one always wants to see more and more, with the resultant “shortage” of time.  This trip should rate a 5 star if one appreciates the flora & fauna of this unique area.  There are numerous caves to be explored, streams to be investigated and by taking two days over this trial, one has ample time for these excursions.

Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge offer a transfer service for guests who wish to do this as a full day walk, and get collected at Metsi Matsho Dam.

All hikes are available to be done with or without a guide. Guides are available on request.