The Mahai Falls Valley Walk/Climb

Grade: A pleasant morning or afternoon outing.

Time in Hours Outward: 1hr

Time in Hours total: 3hr

The Mahai Falls walk can be done by young and old, is one that has a magnificent solitude to it, in addition to wonderful scenery.  One can turn back at any point, so it is ideal for anyone.  Take the path leading from the southerly side of the resort and amble down the well-worn trail.

En route, one passes a number of beautiful waterfalls, which are not always on the path, but nevertheless are magnificent in their heights and settings.  As one strolls down the valley past the falls, together with the views, one subconsciously is lulled into an aura of mystic and peace that is beautiful to experience.  Travel along the path, through the forest, passing en-route, the Mahai Cave, down to tranquility Pool (so aptly named) and to the “Crack”.  Although the base of Gudu Falls is very tempting, as it appears to be so near, give it a skip, unless you are very fit and expect to get back late!  Return the same way.  As an alternative route home involves climbing up the crack, back up to the top of the plateau, where it is easy to see the Lodge and locate the path along the north/west ridge leading to home.

Another alternative return route would be to cross over the steam (onto the Dooley side) and follow this somewhat sketchy path, exploring the caves “en-route”, back up the valley.  This walk crosses streams on numerous occasions so one need not carry water.

All hikes are available to be done with or without a guide. Guides are available on request.