Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge is OPEN to business and essential service travellers for accommodation and meals. Alcohol is available for room service per the national regulations.  If you are working in the area and need somewhere to stay over the weekend we have accommodation for you.  

In support of Covid-19 safety protocols we have made the following temporary changes to our offering:

  1. Your room will not be serviced while you are staying with us. This reduces unnecessary contact between people.
  2. The dining-room has been reconfigured with fewer tables and chairs, ensuring good social distancing.
  3. We’ve cut the menus dramatically to reduce the amount of shopping we are doing, as well as the number of staff we need in the kitchen. When you book to stay with us we will offer you menus and ask that you pre-book your meals.
  4. All meals will be available as room service to further reduce contact with other guests.
  5. We will have a minimum-size team on duty at the Lodge while you are there. You will be given the duty manager’s WhatsApp number to contact for any service so that we can all social distance as far as possible.
  6. All our public areas have extra, Covid-19 standard cleaning schedules as well as ‘’Peace of Mind’’ stations where you can self-sanitize any facility before use.
  7. At the time of booking you will be sent the regulated ‘’track and trace’’ documentation that you are required to complete before checking in.
  8. Your temperature will be taken on arrival, and every morning. Should you develop any Covid-19 symptoms you will be asked to seek medical assistance.
  9. Everyone at the Lodge, staff and guests, is required to wear a mask when in a public area, adhere to social distancing and wash hands regularly or use hand sanitizer.

For more info about current weather conditions, chat to or WhatsApp the team at the Lodge on +27 (0)82 609 8988.  To book, email us on info@witsieshoek.co.za or call Linray on +27 (0)21 701 7860.  

Hiking at Witsieshoek is now open.  This includes the Sentinel Peak / Chain Ladder Hike, hiking down to Gudu or Mahai Falls, the Metsi Matso Trail and hiking along the MTB trails in the Namahadi/Fiko Patso direction.

  1. Per regulations, limited numbers are allowed on the trails, and hikers are asked to social distance. For this reason, we have introduced a pre-booking system. WhatsApp 082 609 8988 or email info@witsieshoek.co.za to book.
  2. Pre-booking allows potential hikers to select a date and time to hike, and requires them to complete the Mountain Rescue Register electronically before arrival, and pay the hiking fees due by EFT. This ensures minimum contact between people.
  3. Hikers are advised to carry their own hand sanitiser for personal use around the ladders.
  4. The transfer service between Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge and the Car Park is available, subject to pre-booking, and complies with the 70% capacity in the transfer vehicles.
  5. Meals and hot drinks can be ordered for take-aways from the Lodge on return from the hike. 
  6. Business and essential service visitors at the Lodge who have some spare time are welcome to hike.

If you have pre-booked and paid, and you cannot get to the Lodge due to changing regulations, or you are turned around at a roadblock, or the weather makes hiking impossible, we will give you an IOU voucher for a future booking with no penalties.  We fully understand that not everything is in our control at the moment, and we will work with you to make a plan. Please remember that your business or essential service permit must authorize you to travel into the Free State.

For more info about current weather conditions, chat to or WhatsApp the team at the Lodge on +27 (0)82 609 8988.  To book, email us on info@witsieshoek.co.za or call Linray on +27 (0)21 701 7860.