Sunday 15 August 2021 8.30am update with photos from Kieran O’Leary

Yes, there is still snow.

Sentinel Peak car Park is not accessible. Roads have iced and it’s treacherous.

Access to Witsieshiek Mountain Lodge is possible in any type of vehicle. Please expect going to be slow because lots of snow-chasers are expected. Please be patient with each other and enjoy the beauty. Sharing the fun on social media?  Use #Witsieshoek to share with us too!

Saturday 14 August 2021 8.40pm and it’s just started to snow again

There is still plenty of snow at the lodge and at the time of the picture, it was lightly snowing. We had so many amazing guests today who got to enjoy this experience and we are expecting a lot of guests tomorrow.

If you are planning to come to visit us then we ask for your patience and understanding as parking at the lodge is limited and road conditions are icy therefore making the movement of vehicles tricky at times. We have traffic managers who will try to make this experience as efficient as possible and to keep everyone and all vehicles safe so as many people as possible can have this same magical experience.
Whatsapp 082-609-8988 for updates.

Everyone came to see the snow at Witsieshoek today


Saturday 14th August last photos from Magda Pepler

Saturday 1 pm photos from Kieran O’Leary

Saturday lunchtime video “Snow as far as you can see”


Saturday 14th August request:  Are you visiting Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge and want to share your photos and videos?  Please email or WhatsApp to 083-301-5026. Please include your name, social media handles if you would like to be linked, and we’ll add you to this timeline.


Saturday 14th August photos from Kgotso (Waiter)

Saturday 14th August midday report from Jan van Niekerk

We are fully booked for tonight and the guests and day-visitors are enjoying the dining room after their snowball fun.


Saturday 14th August 11 am photo-report from Magda Pepler

Saturday 14th August 10 am access report from Jan van Niekerk

-Unfortunately, there is no access to the Sentinel Peak Car Park by vehicle.
-4X4 access only to Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge currently as two non-4X4 vehicles are stuck at the Y junction 1km before the lodge.
-2X4 vehicles are able to drive through the toll gate and get to the start of the snow about 1km after the rock overhang.


Saturday 14th August after breakfast

It’s toboggan time. Ralph Clark and his children have a great time.


Saturday 14th August 9am report

It snowed overnight, and we’ve moved into a winter wonderland. It’s been 5 years since we’ve had this much snow at Witsieshoek and it’s beautiful.

Friday 13th August 2 pm hustle by Hospitality Manager, Nelson Mahlaba

Friday 13th August 11.00 am report

We are at the Sentinel Peak car Park and it feels like a blizzard. At 2500m the trailhead to the Sentinal Peak Hike and Chainladders is a cold place right now.


Friday 13th August 2021 09:00 report

Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge is the place to see snow in the Drakensberg this year. It started snowing overnight.  We woke this morning to cold, white beauty.  The first photos came through from Kieran O’Leary