15 August 2012

Letter of Condolence on the passing of Mafoto Henrietta Mota.

Dear Morena Mota and the Mota Family

I wish to extend the sympathy of all at Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge and at Transfrontier Parks Destinations to you and your family, on the passing of your mother Mafoto Henrietta Mota.

Whilst I only had the opportunity of meeting her on a few occasions I was touched by her special spirit. I was privileged to meet her on my very first visit to Witsieshoek.  Her presence at our meeting and her desire to see the Lodge, that her late husband had been instrumental in establishing, continuing to fulfill an important role in the lives of the Batlokoa community, has always been an inspiration to me.

I am sure that she will be greatly missed by you all but that her spirit will continue to live amongst her people.


 May her soul rest in peace.

 With our sincerest condolences

 Glynn and Gillian O’Leary and all at Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge