The Lodge

Situated in the Northern Drakensberg at the foot of the magnificent Sentinel Peak and looking across to the Mont-Aux-Sources mountain range, with endangered bearded vultures soaring overhead, Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge provides comfortable and scenic Drakensberg accommodation for hikers, climbers, adventure travellers and families. At 2220m above sea level, Witsieshoek is the highest lodge in the Northern Drakensberg and is the perfect place from which to explore the wonders of these incredible mountains in all their glory.


There are numerous outdoor activities to be enjoyed around Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge. The area offers some of the best hiking trails in South Africa as well as excellent camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, bird watching and much more. Climb Sentinel Peak via the famous chain ladders and peer over the precipice at the source of Tugela Falls, the second highest single fall in the world. Or for those rainy days, head to the beautiful and wild Golden Gate National Park. Whatever your fancy, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to enjoy the real great outdoors while enjoying our accommodation at Witsieshoek.

The Drakensberg

The Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa. It spans across the Eastern Cape, Lesotho, Swaziland, KwaZulu- Natal and Mpumalanga. This beautiful mountainous area is home to a variety of landscapes, rich flora and fauna and some incredible Drakensberg accommodation in the heart of it all. Its highest peak reaches over 3000 metres and the landscape incorporates towering peaks, roiling foothills and vast contrasts of seas of green and gold. The Drakensberg was first named “uKhahlamba” by the Zulu which means, “barrier of spears”.

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